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There are thousands of web hosting providers, here are a few things that make us unique from the rest.

Cristina Moyle, founder of Funky Media. I've been in sales and marketing management for almost 20 years working in businesses I started and also working for others. One huge frustration for me was sourcing marketing help in an ever-evolving digital marketplace, and it was this that spurred me to start Funky Media - a company where all your digital marketing needs can be met in one budget-conscious innovative place. I wanted to create a level playing field where the services we offer additional value to your business. I and my team of professionals are here to do just that.

Helping business owners simplify technology and make more sales so they can grow their business without the stress and overwhelm.


Unlike some of the "mega-brands" that have thousands of employees, Funky Media is a team of roughly 10 people who deeply care about your website and your needs. We treat each customer with the utmost respect as they were our very own mother. You're not just a number to us, you're part of the Funky Media family.

Control Panels

We run the industry-standard control panels for web and VPS hosting. We do this for various reasons but we want to make it easy on you, our customer, to manage their website and not have to re-learn a control panel when you switch to us.



Support is the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider. We only hire people who have a passion for web hosting. We firmly believe you have to love what you do in order to be good at it. We have the support team in place for you.


Funky Media has 3 areas of service and support for you.


Funky Media Online, Build your dream online. Website tools, hosting, and personalised email all in one plan.


Funky Media Agency, Business set up and rebrand 360-degree services.


Funky Media Radio, Bringing the best music and interview from business leaders across the globe.

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